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Now this was a special sequencing for my lecture in Kristiansand, a mix of words and sounds. The first idea was: to show people how to „compose“ a „thrilling“ radio show out of quite different styles; the second idea was a kind of theme running through nearly all the tracks: „structural minimalism“. That seemed a little bit too academic for me; I wanted more surprise in it, and an element of shock and disturbance on the side of the listeners. So the third theme has become – dying, simple as that.

Of course, here I won`t give away the track list. The names of the label might ring a bell as well: DENOVALI (two times), VIRGIN, HUBRO (two times), ECM, OPAL, SUB POP, and, cause I have only 25 till 30 minutes performance time, I probably have to leave out one of my favorites  from RUNE GRAMMOFON. Every visitor of the seminar will find a special posting on this blog, on the day of the lecture, with the full playlist, a number of recommendations (so, better don´t miss the vinyl or cd versions of „The Nature of Connections“ and „SUPERSILENT 12“ on Rune Kristoffersen´s label!) – and a lot of extras that all make sense for the 10th Punktfestival!  

After my lecture Jana Winderen (with Mike Harding from the excellent label Touch) and Laurie Anderson will hold their „lessons“ – I´m always very grateful for good company. Jana, I will see you smiling at one point of my performance, so don´t miss it. And, Mrs. Anderson, we had met twice. Once upon a time deep in the past century we had a fine conversation about the record that has become my favourite album in your broad catalogue: „Bright / Red“. One of the songs there was „Freefall“. That´s what my little lecture is about, too, (not only) in a metaphorical sense. If you don`t have the time to join the auditorium, enjoy the fantastic breakfast at our hotel! But, well, then you will just miss a special kind of „pacific radio fire“ … (more information: 



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