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Anlässlich Erscheinen des Films Arrows Into Infinity von Dorothy Darr und Jeffery Morse auf DVD

• Spielliste • RADIO, august 30, concertzender
Charles Lloyd + Billy Higgins – Which Way Is East

Wild Orchids Bloom
Tenor saxophone/drums

The Forest
Flute, Maracas, Shaker, Voice

A Wild And Holy Band
Alto saxophone, drums/whistle

Alto flute, alto saxophone

Blues Tinge
Guitar, voice

Sally Sunflower Whitecloud
bass flute, maracas/hand drum, shakers

My Lord, my Lord
Tibetan oboe/Syrian one string, voice

Windy Mountain
Tenor saxophone. drums

Perfume of The Desert
Tenor saxophone, drums

Tibetan oboe, hand drum

Guitar, voice

Forever Dance
Flute, maracas, Juno’s wood box, voice

Atman Alone Abides
Taragato, hand drum

Sea of Tranquility
Photo © Dorothy Darr

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  1. radiohoerer:

    Charles Lloyd: Arrows Into Infinity – ansehen !!!

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