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2014 13 Jul


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The only place where I listen to a song, maybe 15, 20 times in a row, or every day and nothing else for a while, is my car. It happened to the longest track of the last Wilco album, it happened to „Porpoise Mouth“ of Country Joe & The Fish, known as the first psycedelic rock album of history, and it lately happened to „Return“ from Eno’s and Hyde’s „High Life“. It’s vintage Eno, he sings, wrote the lyrics, plays all synths and shares background voices with Karl Hyde who also contributes CDJ groove, guitar and bass guitar. Marianna Champion is the third voice in the background. Even Brian’s delivery of the forefront singing is partly buried in the mix and the excellent, mantra-like strumming of Karl’s electric guitar. Is it a sad song? I can only catch up single words, a certain non-cliche kind of melancolia might be at work. A kind of yearning? Watching beauty fading? I really want to creep under the skin of this killing melody. When the singing of the real words ends, we come to Brian’s floating „Hu-hu-hu“-singing which seems to offer joy and relief, and then a mesmerizing synth melody enters the scenery of a song that could go on forever. As it, in fact, does, in my Toyota, on this rainy Sunday morning, and the days to come. No doubt about it, this is my song of the year. It wouldn’t add to the dose of endorphines set free here, but if anyone is able to transcribe the lyrics, I would be very interested in reading them. Sometimes I try to just concentrate on the words, but from one moment to another, my attention is blown away by all the other ingrediencies.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    My favourite 22 (and some more) Eno songs (revisited):

    1) Spinning Away

    2) Dead Finks Don’t Talk

    3) Fractal Zoom

    4) Here He Comes

    5) Back In Judy’s Jungle

    6) This

    7) and then so clear

    8) Under

    9) The Complete and Bootlegged Song Cycle of Brian Eno’s A Capella Group incl. Ring of Fire, My Sentimental Friend (yes, that Herman’s Hermits tune), After The Goldrush, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart, Waterloo Sunset, Shine, At Last I Am Free, 12 Doo Wop Originals, 26 Gospel Songs, In My Life a.o.

    10) Some Of Them Are Old

    11) Return

    12) St. Elmo’s Fire

    13) Breath Of Crows

    14) Here Come The Warm Jets

    15) Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

    16) The Belldog

    17) Ali Click

    18) Lillac

    19) Golden Hours

    20) To Us All

    21) Just Another Day

    22) Passing Over

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The Wilco song is „One Sunday Morning“ from “ The Whole Love“.

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