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Still to be confirmed, but on its way: „Storytelling for burning songs (Or: how to make radio magic)“. There are some radio shows in the world that ignore the limitations of genres. For instance, Fiona Talkington’s „Late Junction“ (BBC) or Michael Engelbrecht’s „Klanghorizonte“ (Deutschlandfunk). A song by Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) can be played in a row with a John Cage piano track, an interplanetary Sun Ra excursion, some weirdness from the infamous „Punkt“ family, Brian Eno’s latest prog rock-shot from a deserted area of the Crimson King,  „krautrock vibes“, an ECM classic from the 70s – and a field recording from the Outer Hebrides. The question is how to create a unified vision from such different sources without delivering a „high brow“ post-modern exercise in „anything goes“. One answer: you have to spend a lot of time on the „sequencing“ of the tracks, and the stories you’re telling. In fact, the future of non-mainstream radio is in parts connected to old traditions of griot, campfire stories, and very personal contributions of the „nighthawk“ at the microphone. Listen to a special „radio perfomance“ by Michael Engelbrecht that will combine controversial thoughts on music, with a series of tracks from the broad field of „textural minimalism“ – and some late night stories told in the middle of the day!


„Some people have asked me about my heroes of DJ’ing radio shows. In fact, I have a lot of respect for many music maniacs who love to dance on architecture. But I only have one hero. It’s Christopher „Chris“ Stevens, from the TV series „Northern Exposure“. A philosopher of everyday life, an ex-prisoner and  amateurish part-time shaman with a healthy dose of self-irony. And we both share a strong disdain for the jazz-rock of Spyrogyra! :)“ (m.e.) 



„Fellow Cicelians, my heart is pounding, dancing to the drum of a free people, a city on a hill, e pluribus unum. I feel at one with Whitman, shepherd of the great unwashed: ‘O democracy, near at hand to you a throat is now inflating itself and joyfully singing.’“ (Chris himself)

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