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2014 2 Jul

Blabbermouth, or: strange things happen in Glasgow!

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Good that we have our man in town. Now if you have a quick look at the August issue of Mojo, you might overlook a really interesting review from Victoria Segal. Cool, sharpminded, blond lady, I got to know her once. There she’s offering her thoughts on „Scottish instrumentalists‘ third session of musical regression therapy“. Mhmm. musical regression therapy might hint to some falling back on an early level of age, first flirts with sounds, everlasting impressions… Seems to fit cause the first track of the album titled FORGETTING THE PRESENT is called „Blabbermouth“. The band carries the name REMEMBER REMEMBER, is a Glaswegian six-piece, and, as Victoria writes, „they hold all the keys to unlock those (possible false) memories of lost summers, late-night sadness, and that time the village was troubled by witches.“ Now, Ian, is that true, witches had supposed to be in your town. Any historic novel existing that might shed some tiny light here?:) But let’s return to the review, Victoria knows something about witchcraft, I guess. „There are shades of Tortoise in the way „Blabbermouth“ dips, dives and suddenly falls away, while the puff of Popol Vuh mysticism on „Why You Got A Blue Face?“ sends them floating ever further from land. More robust moments (…) provide a necessary shift, but, with all its delicate finesse, FORGETTING THE PRESENT largely prefers to take its oblivion lying down.“ This music seems to follow special sideways of Scottish weirdness. Let’s wait and listen!

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1 Comment

  1. Ian M:

    Not Glasgow, but close to Glasgow International Airport …

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