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2014 3 Jul


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End of 80s: München Herkulessaal/ mixed program
… was very impressed by Cat O Nine Tails by John Zorn and a string quartet by Gorecki and of course – Steve Reich´s Different Trains


24.8. 1991 Salzburger Festspiele/ Terry Riley The Sands for string quartet and orchestra
… a good chance to meet Terry Riley and the Kronos behind the stage … but these days I was most impressed by Jean Jeanrenaud ;-)


25.8. 1991 Jazzfestival Saalfelden/ mixed program (+Steve Lacy)

… same country only 1 day later …


1992 Documenta Kassel/ mixed program (with Steve Lacy)
… here they played Bob Ostertags All the Rage for the first time. I remember visiting the rehearsal with all the complex voices, screaming coming from the tape and a complicated viola part for Hank Dutt. Before the concert talking with John Sherba and Hank about Nathan Milstein (John is a Fan of his playing too) … sent him some tapes I made from a swiss summer course with Milstein later.


around 1996 Frankfurt Saturn Hansa
… believe me or not – during my years in Frankfurt I often visited the Saturn Hansa near my apartment. On this day I could not believe my eyes when I saw the Kronos Quartet standing around in my favourite CD shop … thats when they signed my Black Angels CD.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    They have great writing tools :) The only record I ever let sign was Daniel Lanois‘ SHINE. The autograph shines in silver, and it’s a fantastic album, totally underrated. Think there’s a market for autographs :)

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