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2014 5 Apr

Five Four Fourteen

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While Michael has been busy in London and kept us all updated about his whereabouts I’ve filled several gaps in my record collection: albums I once owned – then probably lend to someone and never received back* and records that grabbed my attention when I saw them last week in the shops. – First of all there’s „Hot House“ by TIMBER TIMBRE – just to follow one of  Michael’s trustworthy recommondations. An album for every season, but especially for the daily train ride back home from work at 9 o’clock in the evening. 

Then „Love Letters From Ella“, a collection of  unreleased recordings of standards and torch songs sung by ELLA FITZGERALD – every imaginable mood you can associate with love is captured here. (I don’t have to add anything about Ella’s voice, I suppose.)

Also:  a fine double CD with previously unreleased demos and outtakes by WARREN ZEVON, „Prelude“. Then there’s „Sextant“ by HERBIE HANCOCK if the fusion of the 70’s takes my fancy – a „must own“, I suppose. And „Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard“ as with every album I buy I more and more come to understand what my fellow Manafonistas  here like about Robert Wyatt and his music. – And last but not least: the yesterday released double vinyl „Cover Versions“ by STEVEN WILSON.


* „Poor Pitiful Me“, to quote Warren Zevon.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Sextant, yes! Ruth is stranger than Richard, yes! I know records since they saw the light of day in the 70’s. On my first trip to the Breragne, aged 19 or 20, i drove with my girlfriend day and night till we saw the coastline near Brest.

    We had an old, batterydriven cassette player with us with tiny loudspeakers, and for ten days, we only heared two albums in the car, (one cassette), Hotel Hello by Gary Burton and Steve Swallow – and Robert’s third solo album with his unbelievable vocals, and some great jazz vibes by Mongezi Feza. Very exotic. Very, very beautiful.

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