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2013 5 Nov

A soul mate’s love declaration for DON’T STAND ME DOWN

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It’s a test
Do you love the man?
Put your palm on the love tester
On the golden mile
I reckon it’ll run red hot
I bought ‚Don’t Stand Me Down‘ in Thessaloniki
Turned it over six times in my hands and thought it a risk
Walked the wrong way to the bus station
Through a neighbourhood with a sodden dead cat in the gutter
Sunday night
White marble floor, smell of calor gas
Played it and felt scared
Had to get to the final part of ‚This Is What She’s Like‘, before I knew
It was a masterpiece
Let me go back further
Me and my brother
A picnic on Cannock Chase
On the old barrack foundations with grassy seams
We played tennis with Nanna & Grandad Gilmore
And ‚Come On Eileen‘ seemed to be on the radio all afternoon
The teak transistor
Grandad turned it up really loud
A running gag
Until Nanna shushed him
„Jim! Pack it in“
A hot summer afternoon
A Saturday
And Dexys were number one

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