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Like so many people I felt that Lou Reed’s recent death was a great loss and one which seemed even more perceptible with each passing day. I think that I was more into the Velvet Underground than Lou Reed’s solo work – but this is nothing to do with the quality of his solo work, which is great – it’s just that there’s sometimes a limit to what there is time to listen to.

The track that I have always loved most of the Velvets is ‚Foggy Notion‘ – but I don’t know why …  and this is perhaps the answer …  it’s precisely the fact that I can’t say why I love it so much that explains why I love it. I can’t readily point to the emotion that it excites in me; I can’t say even what the song is about – because I have never really listened closely to the lyrics. What I can say is that when I listen to the song I get a sense of carefree playing and singing – almost as though the song were being made up on the spot (and who knows (or cares) if it was?) … there are references to calamine lotion – which is something that is very familiar … though I don’t really know what it is for … some references to Sally Mae and (I realise as I write this) some references to hitting her ‚harder harder harder‘ – Ooh dear … nothing sinister I hope … but where the narrative is going I don’t know. There are countless other songs by Lou Reed / the Velvets that are probably more memorable – or even ‚better‘ but sometimes you just need a song that you can’t get a handle on – one that remains chimerically foggy.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    This is something that I’m just thinking about concerning the music of Mika Vainio, formerly part of the noise-industrial-electronic-ambient-hard core duo Pan Sonic. Apart from some simple explanations that don’t satisfy me at all, i don’t know the gist of my attraction.

    In fact I’m getting quite calm and relaxed listening to these post-industrial rattling of nealy dead machines and deserted Stalker-like areas in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn’t be surprised by a steady flow of alpha-waves in my brain. How can that happen inside quite terrific horror images?!

    And nice to read that even Englishmen often don’t get close to the lyrics of a song:)

  2. Bob:

    I hadn’t heard Mika Vanio before – but am listening now. I think you’re right about how music affect us at a deep level beyond words.

    Even when we get the meaning, it’s usually nothing like the writer had in mind!

  3. Henning:


  4. Martina:

    I am listening now as well and I appreciate it too. It reminds me to another music and an exercise I offered to a poetry course for beginners I lead years ago. The authors should write a text inspired by „Spring Fever“ by Biosphere from V.A. – Touch 25″. I like that piece of music and it has an industrial mood as well, but I had always listened to it in a warm light and there was a cold neon light in the room of the poetry course and so the music had a totally other effect, much harder. Most of the authors weren´t able to write anything at all, but a woman in the course wrote her best poem, it was about a woman crossing a puddle.

  5. Bob:

    Hi Martina. I’m not familiar with Biosphere, but will check them out. I’d be interested to learn about your interest in Poetry. It took me a while, but I can now see what a wonderful world the world of poetry is and there are some great German poets (Rilke being one).

  6. Martina:

    Hi Bob. I am pleased to read about your interest in poetry. You mentioned your poetry course a time ago.

    In march my first collection of poems was published in a book. The titel is „erinnerungen an einen rohstoff“ (recollections of a raw-material), poetenladen Verlag. You can find the cover, some poems and several reviews in the internet.

    I also wrote a book about writing and publishing poetry, the first edition was published in 2004. It´s for beginners. „Zwischen Handwerk und Inspiration. Lyrik schreiben und veröffentlichen“ Uschtrin Verlag. In fact, you can´t learn writing poetry. But it´s possible to give some support.

    Rilke is a wonderful poet, deep thoughts. But in our times you can´t write poetry like he did. I am impressed by modern english and us-american poetry. I will write more about it in this blog, maybe a category like „from Martina´s poetry shelf“.

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