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2013 8 Mai

Risiko mit schönen Ruinen

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Guten Morgen, ich habe eine Buchempfehlung für Sie. Sie würden wohl in zehn heissen Sommern nicht auf die Idee kommen, dieses Buch zu lesen, dessen Cover diverse Reaktionen fast zwangsläufig erzeugt: kitschiges Familienbuch, Frauenroman, süsse italienische Romanze. Die ersten Seiten nähren noch diese Annahmen, aber, wie würde Ernst Jandl sagen: „Werch ein Illtum!“ Nun, eine Love Story ist es schon, aber eine besondere, und in einem alten Italien spielt die Geschichte auch, aber die Lokalität und die Liebe allein sagen nie viel aus. Ich habe seit Keigi Higashinos „Verdächtige Geliebte“ und Joe R. Lansdales „Dunkle Gewässer“ kein Buch so schnell verschlungen. Zwei Tage tauchte ich in diese Welt ein, und kam aus dem Staunen über solche Erzählkunst nicht mehr raus. Lesen Sie nicht den Klappentext, vertrauen Sie mir blind, und besorgen Sie sich „Schöne Ruinen“ von Jess Walter.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    “Why mince words? Beautiful Ruins is an absolute masterpiece.” (Richard Russo, author of That Old Cape Magic and Empire Falls )

    “A novel shot in sparkly Technicolor. . . . reimagines history in a package so appealing we’d be idiots not to buy it.” (Library Journal (starred review) )

    “Well-constructed…quirky and entertaining tale of greed, treachery, and love.” (Publishers Weekly )

    “This is a blockbuster, with romance, majesty, comedy, smarts, and a cast of thousands. There’s lights, there’s camera, there’s action. If you want anything more from a novel than Jess Walter gives you in Beautiful Ruins, you’re getting thrown out of the theater.” (Daniel Handler, author of Why We Broke Up and creator of Lemony Snicket )

    “[N]othing less than brilliant, a tour de force that crosses decades, continents, and genres, to powerful and often hilarious effect….A masterful novel of love, loss, and hard-won hope that satisfies on every level.” (Ben Fountain, author of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk )

    “Within a page-turner of a plot, these triumphantly vulnerable characters leap off the page to take up permanent residence in your inner life. The effect is so powerful that to be untouched by Beautiful Ruins might well be like having no inner life at all.” (Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, author of 36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction )

    “A brilliant, madcap meditation on fate. . . . Walter’s prose is a joy-funny, brash, witty and rich with ironic twists. He’s taken all of the tricks of the postmodern novel and scoured out the cynicism, making for a novel that’s life-affirming but never saccharine.” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review) )

    “A marvel, an absolute gem of a beach read that is both hilarious and heartbreaking.” (Huffington Post )

    “Walter vividly draws a world both tender and cutthroat, where ambition battles reality, daydreams fight doldrums and sometimes win.” (Interview )

    “Lyrical, heartbreaking, and funny . . . Walter closes the deal with such command that you begin to wonder why up till now he’s not often been mentioned as one of the best novelists around. Beautiful Ruins might just correct that oversight.” (Kansas City Star )

    “A monument to crazy love . . . Walter [is] a believer in capricious destiny with a fine, freewheeling sense of humor.” (New York Times )

    “Expertly scratches the seasonal itch for both literary depth and dazzle.” (Entertainment Weekly )

    “A novel with pathos, piercing wit and, most important, the generous soul of a literary classic. . . . Walter has planted himself firmly in the first rank of American authors.” (Boston Globe )

    “Beautiful . . . A shining, imaginative tale . . . Beautiful Ruins shows novelists how it is done.” (The Plain Dealer )

    “A literary miracle.” (Maureen Corrigan, NPR’s Fresh Air )

    “His [Walter’s] characters are long-suffering, prone to failure and sometimes at death’s door. But the verve and enthusiasm of this novel, from its let’s-go-everywhere structure to the comedy in the marrow of its sentences, are wholly life-affirming.” (Minneapolis Star Tribune )

    “Entrancing novel…Walter’s turns of phrase are as brilliant as his plot twists, making for a compelling, fun read.” (People )

    “Beautiful Ruins is satisfying and delicate, a spectacular story of love, frustration, selfish intent, and the patience of the human heart.” (The Stranger )

    “[A] high-wire feat of bravura storytelling. . . . [Walter’s] mixture of pathos and comedy stirs the heart and amuses as it also rescues us from the all too human pain that is the motor of this complex and ever-evolving novel.” (New York Times Book Review )

    “A beautiful narrative . . . This writer is a genius of the modern American moment.” (Philadelphia Inquirer )

    “His masterpiece . . . an interlocking, continent-hopping, decade-spanning novel with heart and pathos to burn, all big dreams, lost loves, deep longings and damn near perfect.” (Salon )

    “Walter is a very, very funny writer and can do Hollywood satire with the best of them. But this is also a novel with a live, beating heart, full of sympathy for its characters and agut wisdom…You’ll want to explore these Ruins.” (Newsday )

    “It is a powerful and lush book.” (Selma Blair, the New York Post )

    “A great getaway of a novel.” (People )

    “Beautiful Runs is itself a showcase for Walter’s outrageous literary gifts in virtually every genre and style. . .No wonder critics have been outdoing each other with superlatives. . .” (Nashville Scene )

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