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2013 8 Mai

Two opinions

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Mikal Cronin: MCII


„By year’s end, I predict I’ll be on my 567th listen, maybe my 624th, or possibly my 982nd. There’s no way this one’s leaving the weekly rotation; I don’t even plan on putting it back in its sleeve. That’s a taste thing, and I acknowledge that, but it’s a good taste, and one that’s refreshing in its addiction.“ (consequence of sound)
„By the year’s end, I predict I will have forgotten this power pop song collection. There’s no way this one’s will be on high rotation. The moods are quite nice, and uplifting. The general response is very positive (see But every song is tuning another old wheel (hope this sentence doesn’t sound too odd). You can not call this record odd at all. It’s really fine, and utterly forgettable. (manafonista michael)


Mikal Cronin„Shout It Out“

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