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2012 26 Okt

Well said, Dave Simpson: I will go upstairs and take my „psychedelic pill“ right now!

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„Shakey’s first album of original songs with the Horse since 1996 wears their trademark sound like an old slipper – beautiful harmonies, plaintive chord changes and chugging country-rock rhythms that allow Young’s improvised guitar solos room to roam. And roam he does – for 87 minutes, many of them looking back over a remarkable life with wistfulness and humour. The meandering but sublime 27-minute opener Driftin‘ Back depicts him as country rock’s Victor Meldrew, grumbling wonderfully about the sound quality on MP3s and threatening to „get a hip-hop haircut“ – a promise he must be held to. Twisted Road thrillingly remembers when he first heard Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone, „felt that magic an‘ took it home“. Elsewhere, the familiar alchemy with his long-time backing band inspires some of his best songs since 1990’s Ragged Glory. The extraordinary Ramada Inn – a eulogy of an ageing couple, bonded together by drink and love – is almost painfully beautiful. Walk Like a Giant returns to a favourite theme – the death of the hippy dream – but with idealism rekindled and plenty of the old fire.“
(The Guardian)

Die vier, fünf letzten Minuten von WALK LIKE A GIANT, diesem Song über das Ende des Hippie-Traums, hauen dem rockenden Fass den Boden aus. (M.E.)

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