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2012 26 Okt

Medieval leather shoes and Algonquin chiefs

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“I’ve always thought since the late 70’s, “This is my last record.” Every single record has been that way … I guess I just pull the trigger each time.” (Scott Walker) 

„Scott Walker insists none of his work is in any way autobiographical. So you are compelled to re-think the way you experience music to get the most out of these pieces. Instead it’s more like a form of sonic fiction (magic realism, cut-up, sci-fi and historical reinvention all rolled up into distinct packages). There are frequently two, three or more ideas packed into each song: scenarios that seem distinct at first but whose connections are subtly revealed. The lyrics process a mass of data, set to music that often veers into filmic sound effects and Foley artistry. Songs leap across giant historical chasms or reach for the outer limits of space. A single number can contain references to molecular biology and sulphurous farts; quotes from the Bible and Hollywood film directors; medieval leather shoes and Algonquin chiefs. They unashamedly revel in unfamiliar words, technical terminology and obscure references, so keep a dictionary handy and bookmark Wikipedia. It’s all part of the fun.“ (Rob Young, The Wire; Scott Walker will be the cover story of the December edition of The Wire, it will be „album of the month“ in Mojo Magazine, and I will will put it on high rotation on my radio show)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    In May 2012, Rob edited the book No Regrets: Writings on Scott Walker (Orion Books). Covering Scott’s entire career, it features contributions from Stephen Kijak, David Toop, Chris Sharp, Nina Power, Derek Walmsley, Damon Krukowski, Brian Morton, Amanda Petrusich, Ian Penman, David Stubbs, Biba Kopf, Anthony Reynolds and Rob. More information here -­‐

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