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2011 26 Nov

Nine Horses – „Atom And Cell“

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„And who could feel sorry for a drunkard like this,
In a democracy of dunces with a parasites kiss?“

(David Sylvian)


Her skin was darker than ashes | And she had something to say | Bout being naked to the elements | At the end of yet another day | And the rain on her back that continued to fall | From the bruise of her lips | Swollen, fragile, and small | And the bills that you paid with were worth nothing at all | A lost foreign currency | Multi-coloured, barely reputable | Like the grasses that blew in the warm summer breeze | Well she offered you this to do as you pleased …

And where is the poetry?
Didn’t she promise us poetry?

The redwoods, the deserts, the tropical ease | The swamps and the prairie dogs, the Joshua trees | The long straight highways from dirt road to tar | Hitching your wheels to truck, bus, or car … |  And the lives that you hold in the palm of your hand | You toss them aside small and damn near unbreakable | You drank all the water and you pissed yourself dry | Then you fell to your knees and proceeded to cry … | And who could feel sorry for a drunkard like this | In a democracy of dunces with a parasites kiss?

And where are the stars?
Didn’t she promise us stars?

Nothing will ever be as it was | The price has been paid with a thousand loose shoes | Pictures are pasted on shop windows and walls | Like a poor mans Boltanski | Lost one and all … | Sell, sell | Bid your farewell | Come, come | Save yourself | Give yourself over | Pushing your consciousness | Deep into every atom and cell | Sell | Bid your farewell | Come, come | Save yourself | Give yourself over | Pushing your consciousness | Deep into every atom and cell | Sell | Bid your farewell …


Atom And Cell“ ( Video-Clip)

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1 Comment

  1. Jochen Siemer:

    Its easy to find more than 50 words for SNOW BORNE SORROW, the Nine Horses Album from 2005, if you´re frequently listening to it still after all this years. And „Atom And Cell“ is imo one of the best Sylviansongs ever, by the way. DS wrote the lyrics – and the music, with brother Steve Jansen. You can also hear the piano-playing of Ryuichi Sakamoto and the carefully groping trumpet-lines of Arve Henriksen. The notorious, meditative and minimalistic 3/4 time is pushing your consciousness deep into every atom and cell of this song – with its wonderful lyrics and the bluesy, deep Sylvian-voice. Together with the video-clip it is nothing less than art, as one of the YouTube-commentaries remarks. Remembering french Philosopher Paul Virilios warning of high-tempo stagnation, one might get a glimpse of the magic, that a real slowdown implies.

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