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2011 17 Mai

21th Century Dreamings

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The following music of the last few years tangled and unravelled my mind (loved it
with my „Head And Heart“

OCTOBER ROAD by James Taylor; TWO AGAINST NATURE by Steely Dan;
SNOW BORNE SORROW by Nine Horses (and then there were three); BLEMISH from David Sylvian; TILL WE HAVE FACES by Gary Thomas (ts,fl) with Pat Metheny (g) and Terri Lyne Carrington (dr); several stuff by and with Uri Caine, Bedrock for example; the records of polish trumpet player Tomasz Stanko; the stirring and moving music of the brazilian singer, songwriter and percussionist Carlinhos Brown. But above all
Joao Bosco´s lifework and masterpiece OBRIGADO GENTE!

In recent years (since MANAFON) it was MANAFON; the music of Joanna Newsom;
with reserve some stuff of Dhafer Youssef; much in the horizon of Samadhisound
(Arve Hendriksen, Jan Bang …); for personal reasons JASMINE from Jarrett/Haden;
music and persona of outstanding guitarist Ben Monder; the idiosyncratic songs of CocoRosie; my very late discovery of guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel (DEEP SONG);
again the music of Tomasz Stanko; … these were about the things, that impressed me
the most. But, shure: a lot is missing.

And me, „I´m smarter than that“ („Big Time“ in these days is never „Gig Time“) …
As a more song&design- than albumoriented man, i know about the huge sky of brilliant tunes, with their brilliant melodies; harmonies (ebony and ivory); rhythms and stories
to tell. And i like it to (dis-)cover them.

„And where are the stars? Didn´t she promise us stars?“, once David Sylvian asked.
Well, there are billions. But be careful! Cause it´s also true, what Courtney Tidwell sang:
„Don´t Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up“ – in 21th century dreamings.  


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Versinke gerade in der am Freitag erscheinden Doppel-CD „Died In The Wool – The Manafon Variations“ unseres Nemensgebers David Sylvian. Die zwei Emily-Dickinson- Texte, die Sylvian vertont, haben folgende Besetzungen:

    DS: vocal, guitar; Christian Fennesz: guitar, laptop; Evan Parker: saxophone; Jan Bang: string arrangement, samples; SAMPLES: Stale Storlokken: synthesizer

    DS: vocal; Jan Bang samples, Erik Honore: synthesizer, samples; SAMPLES: Arve Henriksen: trumpet and Helge Sten: guitar

  2. Jochen Siemer:

    Vielleicht die beiden besten Songs des Albums?

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „Brian Eno, what is your favourite Indian restaurant?“
    „It´s Kahn´s on Westbourne Grove; they are so quick; they bring you the bill, before they bring you the meal.“
    (Bonn, public talk with Eno, 1999, glaube ich)

  4. Jochen Siemer:

    Das Vorwort zu Siri Hustvedt´s „Die zitternde Frau“
    ziert ein Vers von Emily Dickinson:

    I felt a Cleaving in my Mind
    As If my Brain had split
    I tried to match it – Seam by Seam
    But could not make it fit

    Ich fühlt´den Spalt in meinem Geist,
    als wär´ mein Hirn zerteilt;
    Zusammennähen wollt´ ich es,
    doch blieb es ungeheilt.

    Kürzlich gab es ein Porträt von Siri Hustvedt im TV. Romane von ihr habe ich nicht gelesen – „Was ich liebte“ steht seit Monaten ungelesen im Regal (wg chronischer Romanlesephobie, bislang ungeheilt). Aber das Thema des oben genannten Buches interessiert mich aus persönlichen Gründen. Sie leidet an einem Symptom, für das weder Wissenschaft noch Medizin eine Ursache bzw zutreffende Diagnose finden …

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