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2019 28 Dez

Television Logbook

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But yeah, but I´ll do compulsive shit. If a news day is really bad and I´m freaking out, I will do chores that are unnecessary. Like a couple of month ago I went throught my box of wires. I went throught my entire box of wires. Everybody who´s been buying equipment for the last twenty years, you got a pretty god bag or box of cables, chargers and whatnotgoing, right? Like I went through – because every piece of equipment you buy comes with that one wire where you´re like „What the fuck does this one even do? Does this even go to this machine? I don´t know, it´s all wrapped and it´s got a twisty on it. Better save it. Maybe I´ll know what it does later. I might need it.“ Right? I went through that entire box. It took me like an hour and a half. Did not think about the end of the world during that time. And, honestly, I did not throw one of those things away …

(MM, End Times Fun)


21th Century Streaming (seen in 2020):


Excellent: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season Three Very good: The Marriage Story – (Netflix Film). Giri /Haji – Limited Series. Unorthodox – Mini Series Good: Miss Americana – Taylor Swift (Netflix Documentary). Unterleuten – Dreiteiler (ZDF).  Marc Maron – End Times Fun (Comedy). Quite Good: I Am Not Okay With This – Season One. Pastewka – Season Ten


01) Mindhunter, season 2

02) Unbelievable, season 1

03) Gentleman Jack, season 1

04) Fleabag, season 2

05) Killing Eve, season 2

06) Succession, season 2

07) Stranger Things, season 3

08) Vikings, complete final season 5

09) Quicksand, season 1

10) Jessica Jones, final season 3


2015 11 Okt

Another One Picture Story …

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