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2014 12 Jun

Those Who Wish Me Dead

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This thriller won’t change your life, but your nights, at least the nights that follow your reading sessions. You might not remember it consciously, but this fast-paced, deeply moving novel will enter your dreams, some of them might turn into nightmares and then, of course, you won’t forget anything, you might wake up with a stifled cry looking around for ghosts like a child. You’re not that type of character? You can keep your healthy distance? Nothing from the world of story-telling can cross the blood barrier of your grown-up brain?  Mhmm, I’m raising serious doubts here. Losing the ground can happen anytime. Losing the ground is a recurrent theme here. And hunting. Michael Koryta’s book is one of the best thrillers of 2014. Don’t read reviews, spoilers are everywhere, respect your own not-knowing – and, never mind, this state of innocence will soon be lost!

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