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This is a photo shot in my electric cinema. I’ve been listening (some might recognize fragments of the cover) to the Eno-produced MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOOD from the salad days of the TALKING HEADS, some fucking moons ago, and this was a life-changer. A „lifer“ like few others. This record is anti-matter and remedy at the same time. Gimme hard times, I turn it on, LOUD, gimme happy times, and I turn it in on, LOUD, gimme happy-sad times, and I turn it on, LOUD. I was listening to it on a cheap cassette recorder when it came out, and I‘m listening to it on a surround-mix today. This record kills me, and makes my life new, every time I listen to it. This is what I call magic. I believe in white magic. I‘m a pagean. When I was a teenager T Rex‘s ELECTRIC WARRIOR has had a similar effect on me. Multiple effects. Stay hungry. Plan is: in my very last radio show, I will play music from this album, at the very end, and call it a day, a night, an epiphany. I know what an epiphany is. Even pageans can know that. And, by the way, dear readers, these lines are an exercise in understatement.


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