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At first sight, this year’s program looks like „classic Punkt“ (and, yes, it is „classic Punkt“): well-known faces who’ve been around for six, seven or even eight years, familiar line-ups, the old live-remix dream teams etc etc – but then, the surprises are in the details (and some really new names). Of course, as Punkt-people know, even the same faces never promise the same show. So, the old idea is still growing, and the forthcoming new records of Arve Henriksen (on Rune Grammofon) and Jan Bang („Narrative from the Subtropics„, on Jazzland) will prove the point. And who, by the way, is DJ Olle Abstract?! The new installment of DJ Strangefruit? The performance of a Manafonista with a collection of weird drone music and Detroit Techno of the first hour mixed with some Rune Grammofon strangeness? Fact is, you can join the festival and talk with two Manafonistas at least, Henning & me, and, if the world doesn’t stop turning, the infamous „piano trio lover“ John Kelman will be part of the show, and Fiona Talkington, no doubt, illuminate the stage. (me)



Friday September 6th

12:00-15:00 Punkt Seminar

17:00 Tigran Hamasyan / Jan Bang
17:50 Live Remix: Ivar Grydeland

19:00 Mariam The Believer
19:50 Live Remix: Mathias Eick / Erik Honoré

21:00 Arve Henriksen / Jan Bang Double Release Concert
w/Erik Honoré / Eivind Aarset / Ingar Zach / Stian Westerhus
22:00 Live Remix: Vladislav Delay
Saturday September 7th

12:00-15:00 Punkt Seminar

17:00 The Kilowatt Hour: Stephan Mathieu / David Sylvian / Christian Fennesz

18:30 Live Remix (of The Kilowatt Hour): Sidsel Endresen / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré

20:00 Bugge Wesseltoft
20:50 Live Remix: Rolf Wallin / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré

22:00 Stian Westerhus
22:50 Live remix: Maja Ratkje

23:30 DJ Olle Abstract
Sunday September 8th

17:00 Eténesh Wassié / Mathieu Sourisseau
17:50 Live Remix: Audun Kleive

19:00 Eivind Aarset ”Dream Logic”
19:50 Live Remix: Arve Henriksen

21:00 Nils Petter Molvær & Moritz von Oswald “Transition”
21:50 Live Remix: Vladislav Delay

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