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Listening to this album for some weeks now (digitally), very beautiful stuff with its own Scandinavian twist. Special video setup for tonight’s show but interesting insights from M. E. and one of the Fire! leaders himself. The Rune Grammofon story (maybe) explains why for ex. Motorpsycho are going to start their own record label! Grab the album and listen to all the Rune Grammofon LPs you can get! Life is anyway full of background noises! (The Black Black Paint)

I really enjoyed this video Michael. Having the discussion with a guest is a fresh approach and gives us (your audience) additional insight. I do hope you do more videos in this fashion. By the way .. my favorite comment in the video .. ‘life is full of background noise’ .. it is funny and so so true. Cheers! (John Simpson) („Mine, too, John“ – M.E.)

Wow I thought your English was good Michael, but Michael Engelbrecht‘s English is unbelievable. Such a cool approach to the video it worked beautifully. Look forward to further collaborations. Wow this album sounds incredible . Fantastic insight from Michael E explained in a calm composed manner. A great release for vinyl for sure. Great stuff guys, highly entertaining & enjoyable video! (Liam Molineux)

Thank you so much for this video! I IMMEDIATELY ordered this obviously great piece of music on vinyl. The idea to Work together with Michael Engelbrecht from ‚Deutschlandfunk‘ in this video was excellent. Pleased go on working together with him! (High Fidelity & Vinyl)

A really amazing album and the program’s long approach on all various aspects of the album are amazing as well. I was happy and privileged to see this big band’s first (and only?) live show of the ECHOES music in Stockholm in October 2022, I was completely blown away, as I always am with Fire! Orchestra, but also thoughtfull about how all this varied would end up on a record. They really did do a fantasic job, all people included; musicians, arrangers, engineers, mixing, mastering, production, art, record label, et cetera. (Stefan Ek)

Wow! Michael E sounds like a very interesting person, very articulate and passionate when he’s talking about the music. Perfect fit for the channel, and such interesting insights. Having the audio snippets was a nice touch, almost felt like a podcast in a way, and with his radio background this totally makes sense. Great job guys (Kyle S.)

Es wurden einige Tassen Kaffee getrunken, bis dieses erste  „Ghost Interview“ vom Stapel ging. I

Wenn in nicht allzuferner Zeit ein Live-Stream stattfindet, zum Beispiel zu der Vinyl-Reissue der kompletten Obscure Records, würde ich genauso vor der Kamera sitzen wie Michael One und Stunty und Brian Eno. Aber diese „ghost interviews“ sollten erhalten bleiben, imho.

In den kommenden Tagen wird Matthew Herbert angefragt. Anlass: „The Horse“. Das Projekt begann mit der Suche nach dem größtmöglichen Skelett, um es klanglich zu erforschen. Das von Herbert erworbene Pferdeskelett war mehr als nur eine rohe Klangquelle, denn es eröffnete bald verschiedene Inspirationsmöglichkeiten. Das ist doch idealer Stoff für ein weiteres „Ghost Inteview“, oder?!  Ansonsten: wie wäre es mit den  beiden neuen Analog Remasters von ECM, von Gary Burton und „Old And New Dreams“ (Cherry, Redman, Haden, Blackwell)?  Wait and listen… 



„That wind is from the North, I know it well;
No other breeze could have so wild a swell.
Now deep and loud it thunders round my cell,
Then faintly dies,
And softly sighs,
And moans and murmurs mournfully.
I know its language; thus it speaks to me (…)“

(Anne Bronté, The North Wind)


Let’s look at this music as a free-spirited romantic adventure story, for a while at least! Just putting it all into perspective, Mats Gustafsson references (in his first answer) inspirations for one of the best works of the year. Even a genius like Brian Eno once called himself a „re-packager“: but, whatever sources he found, from Erik Satie „furniture music“ to Neu!‘s „romance with repetition“, or Steve Reich‘s asynchronicities, he looked at them as starting points for different horizons, and so it goes with „Echoes“ from The Fire! Orchestra: it‘s all about metamorphosis, invention, re-invention, and new grounds. Thanks, Mats, for doing this interview „from a distance“.


frage 1


It is all still in the making, but next „Thursday Afternoon“ (the name of a stellar album, too) seems to be another starting point, in this case for „The Two Michaels“ talking on sound and vision. Via Michael45rpm (see blogroll). The premiere will be recorded around 3.00 p.m. (and „aired“ later in the evening, or Friday) with Michael 1, introducing, asking, wondering, and Michael 2 being „the radio voice from the off“. The third man (and the second in the background) is of course Mats opening some more gates to the never-ending magic of „Echoes“.


„The wind is in from Africa,
Last Night I couldn‘t sleep (…)

(Joni Mitchell, Carey)


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