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2021 21 Jan

„There is no upside“

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„Between those who stay and those who leave / I remain / But we got swept away… / There is no downside (What do I mean?) /  There is no upside / There is no upside / There is no upside

And I can hold the hand / And I can read the will /And I can read the room / But it’s all against my will / Up and scarper

Three times three plus four / Thanks to the secret beach, we’re going swimming / from the secret beach / and Neil Gow’s Lament / In my thin maniacal charity suit I wow the crowd but / I do not swallow, I do not swallow / I do not swallow a holy word / St Patrick came between us / Of hallowed healers / Shallow pasty-faced revealers / Convenience stealers / And I have felt many times / That I was jumped upon from behind / Hoodwinked, banjoed, misinformed, / Abandoned and Maligned / And this fellow’s family / Was just one curiosity / There is no downside (what do you mean?), / there is no upside, / there is no upside.“




James Yorkston – Vocals, guitar / Emma Nordenstam – piano / Ulrika „Ullis” Gyllenberg – violins / Per Lager – drums / Karl Jonas Winqvist – percussion, bells, vocals / Felix Wickman – omnichord / Lars Fredrik Swahn – bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals


„There Is No Upside“ could be the best song he’s ever written: no bad and no good, life’s only what unfolds in front of us. It’s faultless in its execution, and brought me to tears the first time I heard it.

(Marianne Gallagher, clashmusic)

Enchanting vocal lines, always open for surprising diversions, and, gosh, all the other voices and instruments intuitively joining  in! Moreover, the album has an unbeatable sequence with its seven songs, and affords itself the luxury of ending with a down-tempo song where uplift and good vibes are usually taking center stage. First verse: „All of my friends are solitary creatures.“

(Michael Engelbrecht, manafonistas)


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