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A definite highlight of Jazzfest Berlin 2022, memorable and steeped in history: the concert of PETER BRÖTZMANN w HAMID DRAKE (dr) and MAJID BEKKAS (guimbri). Brötzmann’s playing was highly economic and expressive at its best (he played all his instruments). With the capacities that are left to him as an octogenarian it became an extraordinary strong statement, a truly master set and strong legacy with an emphatic imperative for passionate, uncompromising, impacting expression: very personal but reaching much much further than that – a testimony that has not lost its thorns!


It was a gift that both sides found together, the festival and Brötzmann, met each other IN the festival and reinforced each other. What made it special and outstanding: the three main lines of the festival, (historical) Freejazz, Folk Traditions and Chicago, came together here in such a strong way. The basis of that musical meeting was deep spiritual trust and the result here was – to use a Dutch expression – bloedmooi, bloody beautiful and wild. You have the future when you have the past.


It is food for thought, how these three energy poles, African, European and Afro-American fused. Hamid Drake, the epic-rhythmic narrator, brightened up the deeper ground of that bond and made clear the deep trace and glowing fire Brötz left in the field.




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