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2019 3 Nov

Kris Davis

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I met her in a Dublin bar, the sorceress from witchita. Not true, just kidding, according to Mister McAloon. From fiction to fact now: it was the splendid John Zorn Festival in the Elphi of Hamburg about two years ago, among twentyfive excellent jazz musicians from New York, many of them known from the Tzadik Label, where she was part of the crew. The first act on stage was on solo piano. She sat down at the instrument with her back to the audience. „Wow, what a charismatic presence – peaceful and fully focused!“ Her playing was special and I even prefered it compared to the great solo performance of Craig Taborn, which really meant something. Later that evening she participated in a quartet with Mary Halvorson on guitar, Drew Gress on double bass and Tyshawn Sorey on drums. Like others, declaring it later in in their press reviews, also for me this was the top act of a five hours during night. „Why isn´t she well known?“ – the research started on that canadian pianist and spellbound I listened to a lot of her works since then. It seems that she´s increasingly getting more interest now, but likewise it´s ok to stay secret. Shurely this years album Diatom Ribbons will be on a best list, published at Santa Claus on this blog.


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