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Season one started in front of a wonderful family home in Brooklyn, New York, a couple with four kids packing their stuff in the car for summer vacation and season three ended there, five years later, Christmas Eve. Life has totally changed for two families. Where are we going, buddy? “The affair” season 3 is No. 6 at Jochen´s list of top TV shows. Season one is the starter, season two a lecture in high suspense and season three a lecture in dream logic. Still I don´t get the trailer´s lyrics in the first three seasons events described. Show runner Sarah Treem did brilliant work with the narrative structure from different POVs and with time shifts. She said:


At the core of the show is – is just human relationships and the faultiness of memory, and the unreliability of our own personal narratives and the denial of objective truth.


Season three in Sarah Treem´s mind is a meditation on the following idea: If we believe that we all have a dark side that we´re not necessarily aware of, where is it and how does it influence our behavior? For the actors it was most challenging being seen by somebody else´s eyes. This includes their clothing, which differs in different POVs. Finally all versions are true.

Does anyone know if there will be a fourth season? In my POV there are some open questions left.


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