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Weird and awesome. „Mana“ Michael and his old friend Olaf experienced the Band aka the „thrak-attack“  „im Dortmunder Westfalenpark“ – they were, let’s stick to the truth, blown away. It is totally satifying to get your hands on the „simple“ cd-dvd-audio version only, with hi-res amd 5:1-mixes of the core material – the big box is for KC-hardcore fans and collectors. Or simply For people who  like to do crazy things from time to time. 



THRAK BOX content:
CD 1: JurassiKc THRAK, alternate takes and unrealeased tracks from THRAK.
CD 2: Max VROOOM, the long-unavailable mini-album VROOOM, augmented with tracks & edits from the KC Club release: The VROOOM Sessions
CD 3: THRAK 2002 remaster
CD 5: 2015 Jakko Jakszyk/Robert Fripp THRAK remix
CD 6: Byte Size THRAK, compilation of singles edits, live tracks from promos, a 12″ mix edit
CDs 7/8: Kcensington THRAK, new mix of London 1995 concerts
CDs 9/10: New YorKc THRAK, complete setlist from the 1995 NYC shows
CDs 11/12: AzteKc THRAK, complete setlist from 1996 Mexico City concerts
Blu-Ray 1: Hi-res audio-only disc, featuring Surround Sound (and Hi-Res stereo) mixes of THRAK, ATTAKcATHRAK & Kcensington THRAK and Hi-Res stereo versions of JurassiKc THRAK, THRAKaTTAK and the official live Argentina bootleg B’Boom.
Blu-Ray 2: 1995 San Francisco concert at The Warfield Theatre (Hi Definition and 5.1 Surround Sound), Tony Levin’s Road Movies (Hi Definition and Surround Sound), Making of THRAK EPK video (Surround Sound)
DVD-A 1: THRAK (5.1 Surround Sound and Hi Res stereo mixes of 2015 Jakszyk/Fripp remix), 2002 master of the original stereo mix.
DVD 1: 1995 San Francisco concert at The Warfield Theatre Concert, Tony Levin’s Road Movies


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