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D: How would you define Dub?


Adrian Sherwood: A stripped down, a deconstructed interpretation of the rhythm. You’re not playing as a full rhythm. You know, we take the drums out and just have one section playing, and then you wait and then bang, back with the rhythm section, the drums and bass, then take out the chops and things. That processing you can apply to anything, and from its start in the dance halls and studios of Jamaica, its influence is so great that you look on every computer, everything now, everyone uses the word dub this, dub that. And they’re using effects, reverbs, phases, flanges, distortions, you know? EQ sweeps that are present on every computer now. And the application of those things, you know, they’re using as a technique now on the most, on the biggest pop tunes and that wasn’t the case when—when it started coming out of Jamaica. It was like, what is this noise, you know? (laughs)

Now it’s spreading. From hip hop to, you know, pop tunes. Everyone’s using the influence of the dub techniques. I hope that answered the question.


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