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The music documentary MUSIC FOR BLACK PIGEONS is a a truly astonishing and moving cinematic WONDERWORK of high musical sensibility fully captivating all senses 90 minutes long until the last scene! A deep work evoking many smiles, also laughter, fun and giving touching insight in processes of music making! 


I saw the screening yesterday night at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) in impressing cinemascope format … it’s hard to let the exciting experiences sink to the back- or underground of my mind. I will definitely go for a second screening.


It is a masterly rhythmically cut documentary and thereby effortlessly criss-crossing drawing lines between musical lifes. It’s significant and touching even when you are not familiar with some of the persons. It’s a docu about living for music, with music, and by music.


Congratulations to Jørgen Leth, Andreas Koefoed and Adam Nielsen who worked on and filmed for this magical opus during 14 years documenting musicians working with guitarist Jakob Bro under diverse circumstances: Lee Konitz, Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Thomas Morgan, Jon Christensen, Palle Mikkelborg, Joe Lovano, AC, Joey Baron, Craig Taborn, Jorge Rossy, Andrew Cyrille, Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Midori Takada, Arve Henriksen, Tomasz Stanko, Manfred Eicher.


At moments the pictures were like a fairy tale and it IS a fairy tale. But also very real and thus firing our phantasy (and becoming more real).



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