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Alice Coltrane: Kirtan – Turiya Sings


Deep meditations for late evenings and twilight zones!


Kirtan: Turiya Sings is a rare type of reissue in that it doesn’t pile on bonus tracks and odds-and-ends, but actually removes prominent elements of the original issue, presenting the material in a state of stripped-back clarity. In addition to Alice’s voice and organ, the original Turiya Sings featured dramatic strings and synth overdubs, which were completely scrapped for this new version. This decision wasn’t an obvious one, as Ravi Coltrane details in his press release: “It is always difficult to make a creative decision that is counter to what the artist originally chose for their work. It’s always a delicate matter. But as her son, growing up hearing her play these songs and songs like them every day, on the very same Wurlitzer you hear on this recording, I recognize this choice maintains the purity and essence of Alice’s musical and spiritual vision.”

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