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2023 29 Dez


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Through the past seven years a lot of live drawings have been created during concerts of festivals through Europe (Aarhus, Amsterdam, Berlin, Groningen, Haarlem, Heidelberg, Katowice, Kristiansand, Ljubljana, Mannheim, Moers, Ludwigshafen, Parma, Rotterdam, Saalfelden, Skopje, Strasbourg, Trondheim, Wiesbaden, Wroclaw, Zürich). In the beginning i worked for a while with a drawing pad on my lap, sometimes even in the dark. It soon evolved, i got invitations and expositions, my workplace and materials broadened and my working was projected on a screen during the musical performance (a.o. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Mannheim, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Parma). My first major expositions took place in Katowice (Gallery Engram), Heidelberg (Tandem Art Space), Rotterdam (Goethe Institut) and Kalisz (Centrum Kultury). 





The most intense working was at The International Piano Festival in Kalisz (Poland), at the Trondheim Jazzfest and at the Parma Frontière Festival in Parma in an old Abbey (Abbazia di Valsarena) with the 19piece Chironomic Orchestra. In Kalisz i did live drawing for four nights and covered every night three concerts in a row. After each concerts the drawings were presented in the exposition space of the venue. 





There were also cases of direct interaction with musicians (in Rotterdam in duo with drummer Sun-Mi Hong, in Berlin with Austrian group Synesthetic 4 and in Wiesbaden in the trio Whispers&Cries with percussionist Sofia Borges and vocalist/cellist Sanem Kalfa). More of that work is upcoming. 









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  1. Olaf Westfeld:

    Very interesting workplaces – thx for sharing! Where / how do you sell your art?

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