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2023 26 Mai

The enigmatic „E“ strikes again

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The videotape ended up here from a filmmaker’s household. Never heard of „Elling“, by Christian Ellefsen, Norwegian original version with English subtitles. I watched it for a few minutes just to get an impression and I planned to give it one or two stars out of five, referring to the movie-rating game Michael suggested a few days ago. For me, it had a comedic feel to it at first as these two traumatized middle-aged men tried to find their own lives; the characters were not believable to me, but the authenticity of the characters is one of the most important characteristics of a successful movie. One day in the hallway, Elling mumbles a sentence to himself and discovers poetry in it. That’s the storyline that grabs me. Everything passes on to something else. In the end, it’s just me and that anonymous voice from the quiet streets of the night. And four stars at least.


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  1. Jochen:

    I vaguely remember Elling, guess I liked it.

    „Something grabs me“ – conditio sine qua non.

    Sprach der Lateiner ;)

  2. Martina Weber:

    Hätte nicht gedacht, dass hier jemand den Film kennt. In Norwegen war er sehr erfolgreich. Er kam so roundabout 2002/2003 ins Kino, jedenfalls waren einige Musiktitel aus der Zeit. In Deutschland eher etwas fürs Independentkino.

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