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2023 25 Jan

Nochmal zurück nach Berlin im November: Viltes Bericht der etwas anderen Art

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BERLIN JAZZ FEST 2022 – a sound collage by Vilte Gustyte



s   o   u   n   d



In order of appearance:


Ben LaMar Gay – Mette Rasmussen – Olga Kozieł – Maryana Golovchenko – Nadine Deventer


Excerpts from:


The Hemphill Stringtet – Mette Rasmussen Trio North –


Sven-Åke Johansson: “MM Schäumend” – Siri/Carina – Die Hochstapler –


KOMПOUSSULĂ – OTTO – Brötzmann/Bekkas/Drake –


Asher Gamedze “Dialectic Soul” –


Blue For A Moment (film by Antoine Prum) – Camille Émaille Solo


Recorded at: A-Trane – Haus der Berliner Festspiele, 2022 November 3 – 6



My first Berlin Jazz Fest and I am late for the very first concert. I end up watching the live stream of The Hemphill Stringtet concert from Berlin Festspiele foyer bar. I sit down, I catch my breath and start recording. I hear the music coming from the small speakers and apparently, I am not the only one late – more and more people are gathering around the bar, getting their drinks and chatting silently. I am suddenly inside the festival.


And my journey starts, four days of sounds and discoveries, meetings and explorations. Listening back to the recordings after some time, I hear characters emerging like in a theater space. Each of them with their own stories, melodies, experiences. Exploring the places of inside and outside spaces. Through my own rememberings, I hear a celebration of cultures, coming together, and with each new encounter, a new unexpected place  … relation … improvisation.


Vilte Gustyte, originating from Vilnius, Lithuania, is a student of Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universität der Künste (UdK) Berlin. 

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