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2023 20 Jan

War ’s traces

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War is a lesser or greater part of human’s daily reality. Almost a year ago it came very close to all of us and changed a lot. We don’t have to be speechless and also can dance. 


It has left its traces in music openly, subliminal, hidden, furiously, shadowing, encouragingly, desperately, hopefully …  I posted an example by Jason Moran from Saalfelden. Here’s is another one by Arve Henriksen in trio with Jakob Bro and Jorge Rossy. It was February 25 at Amsterdam Bimhuis, the day after RuZia’s raid on Ukraine … It’s these emerging moments that stuck. Here an impression in four (short) steps:










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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:


    I come to think this blog has a dynamic at work that will one day create his own, never ending content with algorhythms and AI.

    Well, with introductive words like these, the human factor will never be denied.

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