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2022 13 Dez

In the Court of Robert Fripp

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Richard Williams‘ take on Toby Amies‘ documentary can be read besides, on „The Blue Moment“. I very well remember a phrase of Bill Bruford: „Change is part of what the whole band is about. Change is essential. Otherwise you turn into the Moody Blues, for heaven’s sake.“ Change – and discipline, I should add, with all its good and not so good implications. Humour is an antidot of the doc that has its clear amount of bitter an bitter sad moments. Thinking back, my memory loves to return to a scene that seems like a moment of letting go: people in a park, it‘s raining, they are dancing, floating, kind of. Not easy to link that one with the film‘s dynamic structure, but Toby Amies has been looking, in between, for places of tranquility and surrender, a counterpoint to tough thinking amd a means to overrule the intellect. Well done.


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