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2022 5 Nov

A really wonderful and hot jazz album

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They have the blues, and it always sounds fresh. No matter how deep they dive in history, you don‘t get any impression of copycats at work. Or just another combo of virtuosity playing down the same avenue forever and ever. The excitement is a steady presence. They don‘t push you to any distant horizon, they stay close, in your room (close to hyper-realism, audiophile recording). There is the fiery blues, the earthbound gospel, the deep jazz, tight and focussed. The guitarman sometimes opens up  a sharply cut twilight area between John Lee Hooker and Bill Frisell. The man at the saxophone, oh my god,  is a marvel. His playing, though tonally rooted, offers a laid-back intensity that‘s so much of his own (no ornaments required!) – and no reviewer should feel the need to quote some giants of the past. In 1964 an album like this would have become a classic (JD Allen hasn‘t yet arrived on earth by that time), in 2022 it is just timeless. This work is so damn good, it’s seducing me every time not to miss a single moment.

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