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2022 27 Okt

Kirke – something mind boggling happened

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dieses 3_o ist …. andere Kost, könnte fast als Soundtrack für Zeitenwende dienen


dieses 3_o, das sind … KIRKE KARJA (p), LUDWIG WANDINGER (dr), ETIENNE RENARD (b) 


It happened last year September 18 in Vaba Laba of Tallinn’s Creative District TELLISKIVI, a former Soviet industrial zone of the Estonian capital. There was a big European meeting and it was freezing cold, even for Tallinn’s conditions. Then this 3_o blew everybody out of their jackets. How did these young aces meet, come together, create and threw out this music, now in album size of THE WRONG NEEDLE ? Something truly Uro-p-an.




I know Kirke quite some time and appreciated her as a musician and a very active organizer. I knew that she was capable of doing banging things but this was a knock against the wall beyond expectation that blew everybody’s mind. The three (still young) musicians were invited to the Paris Son d’Hiver festival, to Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, November 3 in Rotterdam AND will be live in the spotlight of JAZZFEST BERLIN, Friday, November 4 in a program together with Sven-Åke Johansson’s “Ouvertüre für 15 Handfeuerlöscher” and another 3_o to look back and forward to: Peter Brötzmann, Majid Bekkas, Hamid Drake. In short, the future lasts, will last.



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