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2022 11 Aug

„Sidseliana“ (1) – Sidsel Endresen and David Toop

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Henning Bolte, Ingo J. Biermann and me have written this and that on Sidsel Endresen over the years, one of our most beloved singers / vocalists. Though Henning (possibly) and me (other obligations) won‘t be part of the Punkt Festival in 2022, we will participate from distance by posting quite some „Sidseliana“, paintings, reviews, miniature essays, films, a poem, etc. We start with Henning‘s memory of the first time Sidsel and David met on stage. I remember that concert very well, and, well, I am still dreaming of a studio recording of her. More than one, to be honest. She seems absorbed with appearing live. This little series (with a little help from our design headquarter in Hannover) will end on the first day of the forthcoming PUNKT Festival. Let‘s wait, write, read, and listen. And, by the way, this photo, Henning, looks like a cover! Of a fantastic studio recording. (m.e.)



PUNKT 2017


It was the first time Sidsel Endresen and David Toop met in performance. David Toop, author of a couple of key books on music as „Rap Attack,“ „Ocean of Sound,“ „Haunted Weather,“ „Sinister Resonance,“ and „Into the Maelstrom,“ is a measured and mindful performer. Sidsel Endresen is a quite visceral, strong and at times accelerating explosive performer. How would these two different temperaments catalyze each other or intertwine? The performance started with sparse tonal gestures letting time pass. After a longer Endresen switched to a higher gear and speed of vocal articulation while Toop kept his more sedate pace. Thus a fine-grained soil emerged traversed by crinkly vocal traces—open to a subsequent live-remix.

The somewhat rudimentary performance of Sidsel Endresen and David Toop provided a wonderful draft to work with and convert into a marvelously fitting complement of a two-part unity, which Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, bassist Mats Eilertsen and drummer Anders Engen did joyfully and brilliantly. It was also accomplished due to the close familiarity of the remixing crew with the work of Sidsel Endresen: it was a home game to enjoy.


– Henning Bolte


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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Click on the photo to enlarge it and see its potential as a record cover!

    A cover in the tradition of ECM‘s The Adventures of Simon Simon (by John Surman)😉

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