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2022 11 Aug


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… the emptiness that we confess in the dimmest hour of day …


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Father John Misty and True Detective: good companions through the darker zones, the thin places …

  2. Jochen:



    („The Angry River“ – The Hat feat. Father John Misty and S.I Istwa)


  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Great song in True Detective!

    And he still is fantastic. Father John Misty‘s new album, f.e., is so good and delivers on a lot of different dimensions between time travel, neo-baroque bleakness and cathartic songs of longing. It can feel like Misty is in danger of spinning out, but for most of the album, what’s so impressive is the subtlety of his control. The band—including frequent collaborators Drew Erickson and Jonathan Wilson, plus a string quartet and eleven orchestra members—play with silvery poise and high drama.

    So, for me, coming to my year‘s end list, it will be up there in my top 12, with the forthcoming song albums by Brian Eno, Lambchop, and the wonderful obliqueness of Alabaster DePlume‘s Gold. Go for it.

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