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2022 17 Jul

My desert island collection 2017-2022

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  1. Father John Misty: Pure Comedy (2017)
  2. The Mountain Goats: Goths
  3. Gas: Narkopop
  4. Ryuichi Sakamoto: async
  5. Darren Hayman: Thankful Villages, Vol. 2


  1. Steve Tibbetts: Life of (2018)
  2. Brian Eno: Music for Installations
  3. Marianne Faithfull: Negative Capability
  4. Jon Hopkins: Singularity
  5. Nils Frahm: All Melody


  1. Underworld: Drift Series (Box Set) (2019)
  2. Arve Henriksen: The Timeless Nowhere (Vinyl Box)
  3. Joe Lovano: Trio Tapestry
  4. Oren Ambarchi: Simian Angel
  5. Lankum: The Lifelong Day


  1. Tunng: …presents Dead Club (2020)
  2. The Flaming Lips: American Head
  3. Jon Hassell: Seeing Through Sound
  4. Einstürzende Neubauten: Alles in allem
  5. Die Wilde Jagd: Haut



  1. Floating Points w/ Pharoah Sanders: Promises (2021)
  2. Lambchop: Showtunes
  3. Jon Hopkins: Music for Psychedelic Therapy
  4. Portico Quartet: Terrain
  5. Nik Bärtsch: Entendre 
  6. The Mountain Goats: Dark In Here


  1. Lambchop: The Bible (2022)
  2. Alabaster dePlume: Gold
  3. Father John Misty: Chloe and the next 20th Century
  4. Avishai Cohen: Naked Truth
  5. Toechter: Zephyr

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1 Comment

  1. Olaf Westfeld:

    2022 bisher
    1. Distelmeyer: Gefühlte Wahrheiten
    2. Chiu / Honer: Music from Åland Islands
    3. The Smile: A Light For Attracting Attention
    4. Rossen: You Belong There
    5. Töchter: Zephyr (oder Simsalabaster ?)

    Naked Truth kenne ich leider noch nicht, bzw. nur wenig, könnte aber noch unter die ersten fünf kommen. It‘s a long road to Nikolaus …

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