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2022 13 Jan

News from Steve Tibbetts

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I’m still working on the next album. It’s a good one, so I’m taking my time. I have one year left in my studio before I get ejected, so I am in no hurry.

I’ve finally got them to agree to put out the „best-of“ acoustic and electric, and will be in the office on the 3rd to finish the graphics with Sascha.  I will be in Munich next week starting 1 Feb, then Berlin 4 or 5 Feb to the 10th.  My wife will meet me somewhere.
I am very happy you are still on the radio.  I think your voice & selections are best for the magic hours between midnight and 4AM, but we’re all getting older, and sleep can be its own reward.  (I loved working those weekend hours at Minnesota Public Radio in my 20s–radio stations are magical at that time, even though you know there are probably only 20 people listening.)

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