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2021 5 Aug

„And the heat goes on“ – Eno & Eno in Athens

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Ein Filmteam ist für die DGG vor Ort, an der Akropolis. Aber hat das Konzert der Brüder Eno gestern Abend wirklich stattgefunden – die Feuerbrünste im Norden, die Hitze. Wer weiss mehr? Pink Floyd hatten es in Pompeji jedenfalls sehr viel angenehmer, was Klima und Umgebung anging.

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  1. Interaktionist:

    Yes! Ein Bericht aus einer geschlossenen Facebook-Gruppe

    That unusual thing, a triumph of hope over adversity, expectation and climate emergency. Brian and Roger Eno played with fellow companion musicians Peter Chilvers, Cecily Eno and Leo Abrahams. It was a very intimate show in a very big venue and the heat was car-azy!
    I’ll have to think about this but the set was more or less… first 20 minutes were tracks from Mixing Colours albums, then a song with Roger’s daughter Cecily Eno that they often perform together, then Brian sang two new songs, followed by By This River, Julie With…, Everything Merges With The Night, finishing the set with a track from Another Day On Earth. The encore was a Roger song sung again by Cecily and Brian singing a recent track about The End Of The World. It was great to meet up with Tony, Pierre, Patrick, Paul Stolper and, momentarily, Rory. Loved the 77 Million style projections and the close knit family feel of the performances. After all the obstacles that stood in the way (Covid, travel restrictions, heatwave, bushfires, smoke haze), I still can’t quite believe it happened. And on top of it all, Peter wore a white shirt!

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Zwei neue Songs, ich fass es nicht.

    Eno sings live JULIE WITH …. – ich glaube es nicht.

    Dear Tom B!

    Two new songs, absolutely unbelievable!!!!!


    I damn hope they did a great film!
    I hope there will be a song album someday.

  3. Tom B.:

    Hi Michael

    One of Eno’s new songs:



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