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2021 15 Jun

From Arizona

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Question:  One of of the recurring appearances  of the albums OHMS and SHADOW FORMS is a special way the use the sounds of a saxophone. Not the smooth way, more as free agents, eruptive forces!

Trees Speak: It is a very intentional concept we had from the beginning with the way we explore each instrument. When we recorded OHMS we hired Craig Dreyer, a jazz musician in Brooklyn, New York. We asked if he could play all the wrong and dissonant tones you are taught not to play or learn on the saxophone. He was confused because we were in the studio and was used to playing and performing harmonious tones. We wanted the sax to sound like a wild, primal beast unleashed. We were going for the animalistic potential of a performance and asked if he could play one note for five minutes. It was brilliant. We feel that music and instruments have a lot more potential than how social norms have been presenting them to us for years. We are seeking the depths and darkness of frequencies and tones, like scientists experimenting in a lab.

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