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2021 31 Mrz

Mr. Darkwood und die Langsamkeit der Steine

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My theme hour on David Darling, in „Klanghorizonte“ on April 17, will be quite a surprise. Deep in the archives Odilo C. found two portraits I did about the music and thoughts of the late composer and cello player, from the years 1994 and 2001. What a strange feeling to listen to David’s voice from nearly another era, and following him, amongst other things, through the days of creating „Cello“ in Oslo with producer Manfred Eicher. With Jan Erik at the controls. And my young voice on tape – a special time travel experience! The second show from 2001 has a better title: „Mr. Darkwood und die Langsamkeit der Steine“, but I think I‘ll take the first encounter – it is so revealing in regards to his central inspirations.  Odilo sent both features to the island, but I could, for technical reasons, only listen to the early program. No idea what I meant with „the slowness of stones“. Mr. Darkwood – right, „Darkwood“ was the title of his third solo cello album for ECM, the one Jan R. listened to, just before hearing about David‘s passing away.


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