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2021 29 Jan

Mental note of a radio night (for Steve T.)

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By circumstance, the „Klanghorizonte“ of Feb. 20 will start at 2.05 a.m. Two hours with recent and forthcoming releases, two hours of time traveling. Stefan Schneider‘s „Mapstation“ album will be extensively featured, with excerpts from an interesting interview. Another album, strongly linked with the first big lockdown, is Mats Eilertsen‘s solo bass work „Solitude Central“. As is Sleaford Mod‘s „Spare Ribs“. Aside from being a visceral comment on English politics and hipocrisy of Boris J (the man who wants to end the BBC as a voice of the people) and his small-minded inner circle, their songs go also back to survival strategies in a rather rough childhood. Ray Davies would certainly like the duo’s take on their own „Muswell Hilbilly“ memories. Fife genius James Yorkston will join  the circle of the first hour with two songs from his brilliant teamwork with The Second Hand Orchestra, and contribute some insights into these tracks („you chose the happy songs, Michael“, he said with a smile). A duo from Austin, Texas, named „Trees Speak“, strangely connected to the krautrock era,  and Elephant9, Norwegian‘s inventive take on the golden times of „fusion jazz“,  will complete the first fifty-five minutes, or, if time is running too fast, get their shining appearance a bit later, along with Joe Lovano’s Trio Tapestry, Brian Eno‘s „Rams“-soundtrack, Jakob Bro‘s trio with Arve Henriksen and Jorge Rossy, a Finnish piano player‘s solo committed to Russian painter Kandinsky, the Tindersticks (guests of the night since their famous second album), Mats Gustafsson‘s awesome Fire! – and poems by Dana Ranga and Martina Weber, from their recent books „Cosmos!“ and „Häuser, komplett aus Licht“. The hours three & four are full to the brim with time travel activities – one is centered around two albums  of Italian „re-packager“ of avant and pop flair, Tiziano Popoli, and  the penultimate hour contains a thoughtful „mix-tape“ set in motion by memories on the music of the late David Darling. In April, two months later, the „close-up“ hour of the „Klanghorizonte“, in the middle of the night, is booked out with some well-chosen ECM-works of the cello player with producer Manfred Eicher between 1979 and 2000. Now it‘s time for another Sylt walk, way up north, „Weststrand“. Steve Tibbetts knows this island very well.

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