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No, this pic is not Covid-19-related. It‘s a map of radio stations. Just saying.  David Mitchell had known Brian Eno‘s music a long time before Brian Eno had been reading one of David‘s novels. A question of age. My small contribution to this was that once upon a time I sent David‘s „Cloud Atlas“ to Brian, and, as the rumour goes, Brian disappeared in that book for a while, and, maybe solved some of the musical mysteries inside. Just wait for the day he‘ll come up with some strange Cloud Atlas String & Synth Quartet. Nevertheless they started writing letters to each other. And now again, a new conversation, in times where many of us have a lot of extra time.



What is it all about? Not to give away too much, Brian has a new favourite app called „Radio Garden“ (see photo above), he had recently been reading David‘s Novel „Die tausend Herbste des Jacob de Zoet“ for the third time („such a fantastic book“), and they both speak of „cliché detectors“, in terms of avoiding traps of habit. There are some thoughts on John Cage, and I didn’t know Joseph Haydn musics once had a certain, discreet impact on the origins of Brian‘s ambient music. And Eno reveals he once had a knack for the Ray Conniff Singers. David loves writing while „Music for Airports“ is hanging in the air, and discovereded some  awesome structural elements of working with time-lines, incl. flashbacks (and flash-forwards), particularly in televisionary narratives on Netflix, and series like „Better Call Saul“ and „Breaking Bad“. Anyways, there‘s much more going on here, and thanks to Tom Boon for making this very special manafonistic Sunday experience possible!



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