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2020 12 Mai


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When it comes to contemporary African music, two albums of 2020 are deeply affecting and, probably, long time companions, at least for people with a knack for thrilling vibes from the black continent. The one by Shabaka and the Ancestors, and the collaboration of Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela. Another gem from World Circuit Records, and a fantastic sounding album, too, uplifting and fizzing with both passion and virtuosity, Rejoice is not only a fitting last will and testament from Masekela and Allen, but a glorious affirmation of music as a source of elevation. Nothing nostalgic about it. It is an album I fell in love with immediately. Its sparseness, its sense for less is more, and the feel of being in one room with the musicians. May both rest in peace. 



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  1. M.I. Ruiz:

    Rejoice is a remarkable feat of production from World Circuit’s Nick Gold. The record’s stereo imaging places you in Allen’s shoes, directly behind the kit. On “Coconut Jam,” as the hi-hat and snare keep time in one ear, the ride cymbal punctuates the beat in the other, and fills across the toms ripple across the soundstage from right to left, the echo of each strike as clear as if you were in the room. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cleaner, more elegantly mixed recording of Allen’s stick work.

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