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2020 4 Mrz


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There has been a strange (some would say a dramatic) in-out-game here in recent months. All in all, more stayed outside than came back. Perhaps it went unnoticed that I was a participant in this game. I don’t want to write about leaving because I would have to explain why I was absent for a few weeks. I pondered a little bit about why someone wants to be an author on the Manafonistas blog. Manafonistas are or were here for different reasons:


Some come for entertainment

Others escape loneliness

It may be essential to someone

Someone thinks it’s the best prophylaxis against old age dementia

Many or few delight in happy discourses

You experience resonance. It is good for the soul to be in a community

For others it is like a weekend pub visit, a beer, good conversations …

Even if it is not a diary, it is a storage for personal memories

Maybe it can even be used as a platform for playful self-expression


The blog has brought me a lot, including it helped me to regain quality of life after a depressive mood. I have found at least one friend. The blog is probably more important to me than I am to the blog. Why did I join? I say it frankly and freely: from a motive that has always distinguished my actions: from pure egoism. Who is afraid of the number 13?


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