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Azkadenya is a modern, casual-dining Arabic restaurant chain that offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern cuisine. I don‘t know exactly if there is any other meaning, but the trio‘s work surely offers a broad palette of sounds, flavours, and moods.  Violin, bass, voice. Introduced by Fiona Talkington’s empathetic words, and enhanced, all the way through, by first class imagery and light (shadow) effects. It is always a joy to experience Sidsel, one of the world‘s greatest vocal improvisors, at Kristiansand – the Punktfestival now celebrating without big fuzz its 15th birthday. Records with her unique „singing style“ (the word style seems a bit limiting here) are a rare treat, so normally you have to go see her live exploring an enormous field between the whisper and the cry – all delivered in an awesome melange of sounds free of meaning, and (as it appeared to me, but you easily get lost in the wilderness) remnants of Norwegian and English language that add another element of suspense. As does Vilde and Inga’s searching and finding of holes, exits, solutions, outbursts, wonder, real life ecstasies, never relying on nostalgia or l‘art pour l‘art. This trio is a perfect pairing – and, sorry for that, there‘s no recording available. ECM New Series would be a perfect place for such unrelenting magic. And, let me add this: the pleasure of experiencing such music is slightly undermined by hard floor sitting. Yoga experts might have been able to cope with such inconvenience.


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  1. Elin Fly:

    A great experience! Sidsel Endresen also performed at my very first PUNKT-festival in Krs, that time in the old theatre „Teateret“. She is reaching higher and higher levels!
    And yes, the hard floor sitting was a challenge!

    Looking forward to the concerts of today – in the Church it will be able to be seated!

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