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2019 29 Apr

ECM in the Seventies and Eighties

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Good morning,


here is another short portrait of an ECM-related photographer from the past, filmed in Nürnberg last year,



as well as a nice portrait of composer Gavin Bryars, which I filmed in the Midlands a couple of weeks ago.



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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:


    For someone who has lived with ECM music from school days onwards, it‘s nice to see how those covers often work as a passage to the sounds „within“. Not only as classical conditioning Pawlow-style😉. Some of the covers somehow add a painting to the moments in which the music itself promotes imagery of a peculiar kind. „Danca das Cabecas“ springs to mind immediately.

    I remember meeting Gavin Bryars twice. At the ECM HQ, and in the Polygram/Polydor building at exactly that week, where the XXXXL cover of LAUGHING STOCK had been circling on top of the high building. And we talked a lot about AFTER THE REQUIEM – and how Gavin overcame a light form of flight anxiety by constantly listening to one track of Bill Frisell‘s early / first (?) ECM album IN LINE.

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