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2019 10 Mrz

Japanese Jewels (11) – Yoshiaki Ochi

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Released on Wacoal Art Center’s NEWSIC label, Yoshiaki Ochi’s Natural Sonic shares some of the same magic heard in the music of fellow roster mates Yoshio Ojima, Motohiko Hamase, and Mich Live. This time the aural trick would be one of the most simple of them all. Largely composed, conceived, and performed on organic material — water, stone, found and created, etc. — Natural Sonic tries to draw out a ton of beauty and inventive experimentation from very earthly objects. It’s some of the beauty he would later provide to Miyako Koda’s wonderful Jupiter as well.

Yoshiaki Ochi’s work on Natural Sonic was largely derived from compositions he created as house performer and composer for the legendary Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. With a bit of outside help from his brother Yoshihisa, Natural Sonic was the interesting middle ground between experimental tribal music and Japanese environmental music.

For as many unplaceable wooden percussive exist on the album, sounds that mimic rain fall, bird song, and wordless vocal harmonizing take up equal sonic space. Whatever he didn’t have at hand, Yoshiaki would actually create, as art object and sound object, to go after a specific sound he wanted. Obviously, the lack of synthesizers is made up for a welcome exploration of the sonorities of these instruments. If you’re a huge fan of Geinoh Yamashirogumi’s Ecophony Gaia or Midori Takada’s Through The Looking Glass, Natural Sonic should sound of that lineage, albeit with a far more elemental stick.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The close-up section of KLANGHORIZONTE, April 16, third hour, is drifting along with Japanese environmental music from the compilation KANKYO ONGAKU, the solo keyboard classic MUSIC FOR NINE POSTCARDS, and, possibly, a track from Yoshiaki Ochi‘s anti-glycerine-fuelled album NATURAL SONIC.

    For pure extravaganza, David Sylvian‘s LET THE HAPPINESS IN will be played in the middle of the hour. Some may call this a counterpoint, I do call it lateral drifting.

  2. Uli Koch:

    „Anti-glycerine-fuelled“ is a great expression for the music I prefer mostly and especially for Yoshiaki Ochi’s Natural Sonic, which also seems to be a fascinating crossreference to Midori Takada.

    And LET THE HAPPINESS IN habe ich damals als Single gekauft, bevor SECRETS OF THE BEEHIVE erschien. Es ist mir bis heute die melancholischste Definition des Glücklichseins und einer der herausragendsten Songs des Albums; das Arrangement ist übrigens von Ryuichi Sakamoto.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Dieser Sakamoto verfolgt mich noch bis in den Schlaf. Fuck. Dabei, dachte ich, ich hätte ihn und seine Barmusik zusammen mit James Last in der Hörnumer Jukebox-Bar gelassen.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    NATURAL SONIC habe ich bei Discogs bestellt – ist auch schon so gut wie gesetzt für die Radionacht am 16. April.

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