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2019 1 Mrz

In simple words: Luke Turner on „Inside The Rose“

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“I think this gets to the crux of why These New Puritans matter in 2019, in the same way as Talk Talk (that huge influence to whom they’re often compared) mattered in the 80s and early 90s. Escapism doesn’t have to mean trite simplicity, neither does it have to mean oblivion, a surrender to music as overwhelming spectacle and artlessly compressed sonic overload. What These New Puritans offer with Inside The Rose is something rich, deep and warm, constantly shifting, challenging. This is art for the head, for the heart, for the soul. As Jack Barnett sings on ‚A—R—P‘, „let this music be a kind of paradise / a kind of nightmare / a kind of I don’t care“. That surely is everything pop music should be.“

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